About Jeevanacharya

Jeevanacharya formerly known as Shri Gurujee Kumaran Swami is an eminent and charismatic personality with inborn spiritual abilities and wisdom using which he transforms his followers and devotees from ordinary souls to extra-ordinary ones; physically, mentally and spiritually to achieve acumen in their respective fields. He uses his mastery over ancient Indian scriptures, Vastu shastra, yoga, astrology, five boodhs and in-depth knowledge about the ways of the body, mind, soul and karma to analyze individuals thoroughly and in turn help them overcome their problems or hindrances with utmost precision. Over the years, his exceptional service to mankind has not only earned him popularity in India but also all over the globe.



In Vedas, JyotishSashtra is descrided as "third eye" in which there is an unification of all Tenses (Past, Present & Future).


Therefore Jyotish may be regarded as 'Astrology', We have certain rules, Principles etc and each and every step taken is very much systematic so, It is a science.Art is a way of doing work with experience and dexterity.


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