Jeevanacharya about Valentine\'s day

Jeevanacharya about Valentine\'s day

The Valentine's day could be a reminder of the importance of love in human life. Everybody is hungry for love but very few know the art of love. Unless love becomes our way of life we will not feel fulfilled. Celebrating one day of love is not enough.

Love in itself is an experiencing, a moment-to-moment flow with no past being carried; the river remains fresh. But the mind says, possess this woman, possess this man, because who knows about the future? Beware of this mischief of the mind.

The moment you say, I love, it has become an experience, it is already dead. Loving is something else; it is a process. You have to dissolve your ego in love. Anything alive is greater than you.

Do you love yourself ? You have not even asked the question. People hate themselves. People condemn themselves, they go on thinking that they are rotten. How can the other love you ? Right now, you are worried too much whether the other loves you because you are not certain about your own love, your own worth. 

If you want to go deep in a relationship, first go deep in meditation. Unless you are resolved within yourself you will create more problems. If you move in relationship, all your problems will be multiplied. The greatest and the most beautiful thing in the world is love but can you find anything more ugly, more hell-creating ?

Never fall in love. Try to rise. And rising in love is a totally different matter.
Rising in love means a learning, a changing, a maturity. Rising in love ultimately helps you to become grown-up. And two grown-up persons don't quarrel; they try to understand, they try to solve any problem.

Love first has to happen in the deepest core of your being. It is the quality of being happily. And the economics of love is: the more you give, the more you have, because in your silent being you are joined with the oceanic, the divine source of all. And you can go on sharing... more and more goes on flowing in you, it goes on welling up......

Happy valentine day......